My Story...

Every fitness journey has an inspired decision to live a fit lifestyle...

Mine began growing up in seasonal Ohio. I loved the outdoors and any activity that made my heart pound. Bad weather blues are real! So I ran in the snow, danced in the basement, rode bikes, walked for hours to clear my head, and just Be. 

I took gymnastics, dance, and played soccer. I loved the feeling of being an athlete, deeply concentrating on my body movement, sore muscles, visualizing technique, like a meditation. It just made me happier.

Once I hit the teen years, I stopped eating regularly because I wasn't used to having body fat. I didn't even notice the hunger anymore and "under eating" became very normal. I had a hard time concentrating and making decisions, but I was too young to realize why.

While getting my BFA at Kent State University (Dance Performance/Kinesiology), I worked as a professional dancer, LORT theater actress, camera director for public PBS, and managed sales and taught aerobics for Bally's Total Fitness. I loved it!

Fast forward to real world living in Los Angeles. I toured as a pro-dancer, trained clients, taught Pilates, acted in Tv and film, and even became a professional stunt woman, riding motorcycles and all. The demand to be thin was very high. I had to lose weight to stunt double for kids, and there wasn't weight to lose. That's when I realized how important it is to EAT WELL! My body hurt from overuse and no fuel to repair and build my strength. The one thing missing in all my studies and experience was the most important, Nutrition!

My injuries wouldn't heal, I looked run down and old at 33, and showed signs of arthritis in XRAYS. I really looked BAD, and for being an althete, I didn't look fit-just thin. So, I read everything I could on proper nutrition, diet trends, and food's function in the body. I increased my calories from 600 calories/day to 1350 calories/day. I was terrified I would blow up like a balloon, and I did, at first. But after 4 months, my weight evened out and I weighed the SAME as I did when I was STARVING! Once I found out I could eat so much more and weigh the same amount-I was happy and angry! Happy that I could be healthy and fit doing what I love, and ANGRY because I had spent too many years in a hungry daze!

And this is why I created ZPhysique Fitness!  So you don't have to waste years heading in the wrong direction! I help my clients struggling with body image, fitness goals, and plateaus. I teach, inspire, motivate, educate, and keep you on track so you can look amazing and feel great at any age and fitness level. 

I hope my story inspires you to strive for invigorating fitness, nutritious food, and healthy living! I can't wait to work with you!