What clients say about ZPysique!

-Renu Saravana, LVN  

"I have known Aimee for the past six years . She is an amazing full of energy no nonsense person. Very knowledgeable. The dreams you have for your health and your physique she can make come true: all you need is applied intention. She has good knowledge about food, calories, and fitness." 

-Melinda Grace-Actress/Entrepreneur 

"Aimee is wicked good at hearing your fitness goals and customizing a plan to reach them.  Working with Aimee, I completed my first triathlon, kick-boxed for the first time, and  improved confidence in my "physique".  She is positive, encouraging and she knows her stuff!  There is no challenge she can't handle.  Working with her literally changed my life.  How many stuffy, gym club trainers can you say that about?"  

-Drea Rane, Mother

"Working with Aimee has not only increased my physical strength, but has also boosted my self confidence. I have learned so much from Aimee over a relatively short period of time. She is always willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any question I might have no matter how mundane. I have learned and mastered exercises I would have never attempted on my own without her keen guidance. Her attention to form and help with appropriate adaptations is excellent, and her dedication to the discipline is clear. Aimee is committed to her clients and is a truly inspirational instructor. I can’t recommend her enough!"   

-Hillary Swanson, PR "About a year ago, I felt slugglish and tired all of the time, was constantly exhausted after work and unmotivated to go out and socialize. I was taking a kickboxing class but wanted more one-on-one disciplined training.  Fortunately, I meet Aimee at an event and was immediately interested in training with her. Aimee is energetic, experienced, and super excited to help you meet your goals.  Not only did she come to my house 5 days a week to train me, she also put together a nutritional meal plan to work with my body type and goals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I really enjoyed the meals, the workouts and girl time. I started at 160 lbs and now am 110 lbs. My goal was met! Aimee is the best!"                                                                          

-Annie Talmadge, Dancer "I'm a professional athlete and have spent many hours with different trainers. By FAR, Aimee is the best coach I've ever worked with. She is a living example of pushing fitness to the next level. She will push you, challenge you, love you, and inspire you. I've worked out with her both in the gym and outside. Every training session is unique and personal. She has helped me grow into being my best self. I highly recommend!"

Bianca Lopez, Actress "You can instantly tell Aimee has a fit lifestyle, and I was over the moon to be trained by her!  With her training techniques, she is able to assess your body quickly the moment she meets you and has you do exercises that are appropriate for you.  During our training session she introduced me to new exercises that had me sore the next day in new places on my body.  I really felt like my body responded well to our session!  It was great to train with Aimee because she kept the workout fun and challenging.  I feel like with some of the classes I take at my gym my body plateaus at times, and I can tell with Aimee she’ll always have new ways to workout that keeps your body guessing."